Depending on your health plan, you may have the option to select an IPA (Independent Physicians Association). An IPA organizes the delivery of care. IPAs do many things including negotiate contracts with health plans, credential and inspect member physicians, and oversee the authorization and referral processes. The larger an IPA’s network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals, the more options you have when it comes to your medical needs. Remember to re-select an IPA if you made changes to your health plan.

At Allied Physicians of California IPA (APC), our excellent team of service-oriented staff and our comprehensive network of primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and ancillary partners coordinate an effective health care delivery system to the community. We are one of the largest networks of doctors and medical professionals in the San Gabriel Valley. In order to provide quality health care to our culturally diverse neighborhood communities, we have multilingual customer service representatives to help you.

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