Fitness Classes

There are different types of exercise classes at the Wellness Center. Everyone’s condition is different and we provide options so you can pick what best suits your needs. Exercise is essential to your health — research indicates that regular physical activity helps maintain your quality of life, reduces the risks of falling, lowers blood pressure, and more!

Featured Classes:


Arthritis Exercise

The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is a low-impact physical activity program proven to reduce pain and decrease stiffness. The routines include gentle range-of-motion exercises that are suitable for every fitness level. This exercise program will help you:

  • Keep your joints flexible and muscles strong
  • Sleep better
  • Increase energy

Better Balance

Better Balance is a custom-designed 12-week course that uses a variety of exercises to build up lower-body strength and flexibility, plus train your body to respond and react to things that can cause you to trip and fall. The overall goal of the class is to reduce the risk of falling.

It is important to prevent trips and falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the number reason for injuries in people age 65 and older, sending more than two million people to the emergency room and costing $30 billion in medical fees. Falls are also the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries in populations age 75 and older.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga teaches you the ability to improve your health through gentle exercise. It is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using a chair for support, there are no complicated maneuvers or complex movements. Yoga relaxes your body and mind, improves your fitness and flexibility, and elevates your overall health and well-being.


Easy Cardio

The goal of Easy Cardio is to help the participants build their endurance and ability to stay active over time. It focuses on improving your capability to withstand fatigue through circuits of continuous rhythmic movements and dynamic stretching.


Jazz Exercise

This class uses the energetic style of Jazz Dance to exercise the entire body. It is a fun way to improve endurance and dance your way to good health.


Qi Gong

Qi Gong utilizes traditional Chinese exercise training to help participants build strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. It works the body from head to toe.


Pathways to Fitness

When you enroll for Pathways to Fitness, you gain access to our Fitness Center! Equipment includes a stationary bike, treadmill, dumbbells, exercise balls, and more to build strength in different muscle groups.

The class is structured so each member will have a customized regimen and everyone can learn the safest and most effective ways of becoming more fit. It is important to learn the correct methods of training to prevent unnecessary stress on the body.


Stretch and Strengthen

This energizing exercise class will help you maintain or improve your bone density; tone, strengthen and stretch muscles throughout your body; and increase your flexibility. Each class features a group warm-up; upper and lower body strength training, balance exercises, body weight exercises, and a group cool down.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle system of controlled movements that focuses on breathing and physical fitness that can be practiced by people of all fitness levels. Students will learn Tai Chi movements and forms, starting from the basic steps, as well as breathing techniques, to cultivate energy and attain a sense of peace.

We offer:

  • Foundations for Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Forms 1-24
  • Tai Chi Forms 1-42