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Join our next Check. Change. Control. class!

The AP Wellness Center is excited to offer this program in partnership with the American Heart Association & the American Stroke Association. Space is limited, call to register.


Did you know most people with high blood pressure do not feel any symptoms?

Your chances of having high blood pressure (HBP) increases with age. HBP can lead to other issues including stroke, heart attack, kidney damage, vision loss, and memory problems. Around a quarter of Americans who have had their first heart attack, stroke, or congestive heart failure had blood pressure over 140/90.

The good news is, HBP can be controlled! Start by regularly monitoring your blood pressure and talking to a healthcare professional to establish treatment goals. Moreover, you can sign up for our free "Check. Change. Control." program. Over the course of four months, you can get access to doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, fitness experts, and the latest research from the American Heart Association. Together, they will share simple and effective ways to help you lower your blood pressure.

It’s not too late to maintain or even improve your health! Small changes in your every day activities can greatly reduce your risk of HBP-related issues. These changes do not need to happen overnight. Always work with a health professional and consult your doctor.