About Us

Who We Are

The AP Wellness Center is your connection to healthy living! We are administered by Allied Pacific IPA. Our focus is to promote wellness and extend the healthy years of our senior members. Our high quality programs and services are provided by professionals who are leaders in their fields.

Why We Do It

Our members are our number one priority! The doctors at Allied Pacific IPA are focused on providing quality and patient-centered medical care. The AP Wellness Center wants to help you get on the path to healthy living! We believe access to quality information and the right resources can help you make the best choices when it comes to managing your health.

Our Mission

The mission of the AP Wellness Center is to provide a whole-person wellness program that promotes prevention and gives our members the tools they need to maximize their health through positive lifestyle choices.

We aim to provide a program that will help our participants live a healthy and harmonious life.

Our goals are:

  • To provide tools and resources to help our members better understand and manage their personal health goals.
  • To promote the concepts of balance and moderation.
  • To build a sense of community amongst our members in a safe and welcoming environment.