Welcome to the
AP Wellness Center!

The AP Wellness Center is your connection to healthy living! We are an exclusive benefit for the senior patients of Allied Pacific IPA.

APWC programs are designed to help you on your journey to good health. Our classes will keep your body active, enhance your creativity, and challenge your brain. With access to free health education you will have the tools you need to make the lifestyle choices right for you.

Come join the fun! Visit us soon and pick up your New Member Welcome Kit.




We offer a variety of classes that focus on physical fitness, creativity, and self-improvement. The classes are designed to give you the tools you need improve your health and learn new skills.

Check. Change. Control.

Developed by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, this 16-week program is designed to help you live healthier and control your blood pressure.


We regularly present seminars on many subjects. By working with our network of health professionals we can bring you the most updated information on topics that affect your daily life.
Members come together to share information about planting seasons, watering patterns, and more. They not only learn to grow juicy and nutritious fruits and vegetables but also colorful flowers.


Clubs are an opportunity for people with common interests to get together, share their passion, and build friendships. We have six clubs full of happy members at the AP Wellness Center.